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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rx Fins

Last year, I had a seriously inflamed right shoulder. I rested it, and when that didn’t help, I rested it some more, It got worse and I finally went to see the doctor. A shot of cortisone and 3 weeks later, I was a new woman. It was like it never happened and I was back in the pool. Well, once again I have an inflamed shoulder, this time the left one. I started some heavy dosing of Advil and it has gotten much better. I decided to see the doctor anyway, and he didn’t see any real limitation in range of motion, so he sees no reason to shoot my shoulder full of cortisone. No restrictions, I can do as much as I can including swimming, but we did talk about swimming being “bad,” especially for women who have to take more strokes to cover the same distance. Basically the doctor told me to wear fins! So I will try swimming next week, with fins to reduce the number of strokes. An Rx for fins-- I’m gonna be a rock star!

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