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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Historical Fiction Challenge

Here is something a little different. As a commuter into NYC, I have time to read. My train ride is 50 minutes, that's 100 minutes per day 4 days a week! That's more than 6 hours a week of potential reading time. I don't do e-books or audio books. I get most of my books from the library. I have been poking around various websites and considering joining 1 or 2 reading challenges. One of my favorite book genres is historical fiction, so I have decided to join this Historical Fiction Reading Challenge.

One of the reasons I enjoy historical fiction is because of the opportunity to learn. I love traveling to the far corners of the earth across the timeline of history to explore other cultures and ideas. So with each book, I will try to add a little research about the historic events that set the satege for that particular book. I am shooting for the "Fascinated" level, which means 6 books in 2010. I may be able to do better than this, but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew!

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