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Monday, March 22, 2010

Soakin' Up the Sun

We have been having unseasonably warm beautiful sunny days here! The weekend was stupendous and there were people out walking, running, cycling, playing with their kids, and cleaning up their yards. People everywhere came out of hibernation and soaked up some sun. I took advantage of these days by going for a VERY. LONG. WALK on Saturday. Nine point four miles. On Sunday, I opted for wheels and a club ride. Here are some of my observations from the first spring weekend of 2010.

  • It doesn't take much for kids to put on bathing suits and hook up the garden hose.
  • Little frogs, especially large groups of them, make a big noise.
  • Need a steamroller? Someone in my neighborhood has one parked on his front lawn, with a "For Sale" sign.
  • Turtles love to climb onto rocks in the swamp to warm up (people too, but not in the swamp).
  • The trees really took a beating in the 2 big storms.
  • The Sportsmen Center (a rifle range) is very busy. That's the place to be if you are into shooting skeet or trap or whatever it is they shoot.
  • The forsythia are ready to burst into action!
  • It was a good weekend to go house hunting and check out various neighborhoods.
  • If you walk or run more than 9 miles, something is going to start hurting. When you stop walking or running, it may stop hurting or it may not.
  • A fully charged iPod can get you through a 3 hour low volume event without missing a beat!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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