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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Heart My New Heart Rate Monitor

I was never happy with my heart rate monitor. I never trusted the readings I got. My heart rate would spike up to 200 or plummet to 54. When I used it in spinning class, it often combined my heart rate with the person next to me. I couldn't get it to work through more than 1 layer of clothing. I finally decided to invest $100 in what I hoped would be a reliable heart rate monitor that would give me valid readings. I bought the Polar F7 and I love it. I used it last week on a bike ride and it worked great. I especially loved seeing that I burned over 1100 calories.Then I wore it while running on the treadmill. This may be the first time that I got measurements that I believe are realistic. I wore it again on my bike ride yesterday, a very cold ride that required several layers of clothing. It worked great. Then today I wore it on my long walk and again I got numbers I believe are valid.

So my walk today. The half marathon is in two weeks. I will be so happy when it is over. I am not enjoying getting ready for this. It is really messing with my feet and walking for 3 hours is boring. Even with my iPod. I'd rather spend the time on my bike. Well, live and learn. At least I burned 824 calories!

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