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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

Seems like the world has been conspiring against me these past few weeks, making it really tough to work out with any intensity or consistency. I was out of town on business, I came down with a bad cold, I had work that kept me in the office later than I expected, my shoulder has been bothering me, not sleeping well has made very really tired in the evening, and the weather has been less than ideal. Yesterday, the bike club celebrated "Cinco de Velo" but the morning rides were rained out. This morning I was scheduled to lead a 34 mile ride. I was awakened by the howling wind and when I turned on the radio, the traffic report included some local roads closed because of downed trees. I canceled the ride. My windows of opportunity keep closing! I decided to go to the gym for a swim and then yoga. When I got to the gym, I discovered they were closing early for Mother's Day, no yoga. Egads!! I have a triathlon in 4 weeks and I feel unprepared even for this sprint. Oh well, it's not like I have a chance of bringing home any bling anyway. On the upside, I did have a really nice swim today, despite not having been in the pool for several weeks and a slightly bothersome shoulder. And now I am just hanging while my husband and son prepare dinner. It's now 6 pm, I predict we will be eating at 8:30. They are clueless.

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Jon said...

I think we had better weather in March! lol! I remember it being warmer "back" then.