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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Discussion

Tonight the bike club sponsored a dinner meeting/panel discussion on training for a triathlon. We had several triathletes on the panel, covering all triathlon distances. I talked about one extreme-- the non-competitive sprint triathlete-- in contrast to Hagen, the 10.5 hour Ironman Extraordinary Athlete. In the middle were Jon, Kate and Eve who have done all distances from sprint up to 70.3.

There were 17 people there, many of them new to the sport but some wanting to step up to the next level. Since most of them are coming to triathlons from cycling, they were really worried about the swim. What if I freak out? Did any of you ever freak out? Should I swim from boat to boat to get through the swim? I told them about my experience-- I freaked out the first time I tried an open water swim in a wetsuit, 2 weeks before my first triathlon. I had to get out of the water. I then had 2 weeks to slay the"Open Water Demons," which I did. The motto of that story: you have to do an OWS before the race. Then you will be ready and you won't freak out and you won't be looking for a boat to get out of the water. I think we got that lesson across.

We talked about the different reasons we pursue this crazy sport; our different philosophies about preparing for a tri; and some good stories. There are always stories. Luckily Jon did not share his maddog story from last weekend!!! If that had been combined with Hagen's description of the mass start of the Ironman, the newbies would have fled the room never to be seen at the start of the OWS at a triathlon.

I enjoyed being on the panel and I also really enjoyed listening and sharing with everyone in the room. I have a better appreciation for getting more out of the time I spend "training" because the cross training doesn't wear you down physically as much as the pursuit of one sport. And if I didn't swim, I wouldn't have these fab shoulders! If nothing else, I certainly feel motivated to work harder at it just so I know I am giving it my best shot, no matter how slow I am. Slow is still beautiful.

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Diane said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too had and still have big time Open Water issues. Total panic. In fact, I have seen a man drown in my last triathlon and several people nearly drowning due to panic attacks. So open water is a work in progress for me. don't know if I'll be doing and Triathlons this year or not. Still want to rehab my back some more (herniated disc) but I've promised myself that I will work on my open water swim skills regardless.

I look forward to reading more of your blog, your story and your adventures. Cheers!