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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bumps in the Road

I hit a couple of bumps on the Road to Redemption this week, but most of it was good bumps. On Saturday, I drove out to Newark airport to pick up son #2, who has been in Croatia for the last 4 weeks. Son #1 has been home for the past 2 weeks but left for his summer job in Pennsylvania last night, so for 24 hours, I had both of my kids home. DH returned home from the Bresnan Bike Ride for Special Olympics last night, and the 4 of us had dinner together! This only happens on holidays and special occasions, so it was nice to have the empty nest not be empty. Of course son #2 had many wonderful stories to tell us about his volunteer/service mission in Croatia followed by the adventure tour. It was a great big joyful bump in the road and I am so glad i embraced it instead of obsessing about getting ready for upcoming triathlon.

One of the adventures of son #2 was an opportunity to go hydrospeeding. Its white-water rafting on a kickboard instead of a raft. You wear a full wetsuit and fins (and a helmet) and navigate down a freezing cold river. This looks so fun! I would totally do this given the chance. Might even be worth a trip to Croatia!

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Jon said...

oh cool!

We went on a cruise that stopped off in Croatia, and one of the offshore excursions was white water rafting. That looks awesome!