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Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear Bell Helmets,

Dear Bell Helmets,
Thank you! Today I crashed and my helmet cracked but my head did not. I'm not sure why I crashed. I remember some rough road and then the realization that I was going down. My friends got me off the road and called 911. Although my first thought was "I don't need to go to the hospital," I soon realized that not only was resistance futile (that's what friends are for), but I needed to go get checked out. I have bad road rash all along the left side of my body, multiple lacerations all over my face, 9 stitches along the right side of my nose, a goose egg on my forehead, a soreness along the left side of my head that corresponds with the part of my helmet that cracked, and a dull headache. I had a CT scan which was negative, but the ER doctor did use the word "concussion." I will heal. I may have some "battle scars," but I will be fine. I am resting comfortably, after popping a couple of Advils. During the whole event, I kept thinking about how grateful I am. I thanked everyone that helped me; my friends who were with me; the EMTs who immobilized my head and neck (because that is protocol); the nurse who very gently washed all the sand and grit off my road rash; the technician who did the CT scan; the ER doctor; the plastic surgeon; and my husband who stayed calm and kept me calm. And thank you, Bell Helmets. I am thankful that I was wearing your helmet. I am thankful that my friends from the Westchester Cycling Club are very safety-conscious and I always stress wearing your helmet appropriately tight. I don't like to think about what would have happened to me if I was not wearing a helmet. I just know it would have been much worse. I will be back on my bike. But not before I replace my Bell Helmet; with a blue and silver model to match my bike!



Audrey said...

wow. i am super happy for your helmet too. wow.

i trust you will heal up quickly and beautifully :) you have good friends!!!

[and yes, as a former EMT I can say they TOTALLY should have immobilized you due to the mechanism of injury!! glad they did!]

also, you might want to look into the helmet replacement policy. i got a new one for free after my bike crash and broken jaw. some companies will replace them at no cost after an accident.

Jon said...

wow thats terrible to hear! Glad you are mostly ok! And thank you Bell helmet for saving your head!

Rest up!