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Friday, June 25, 2010

My NFL Career

The new NFL policy on concussions means I cannot return to active play until I am totally asymptomatic and cleared by an independent physician. I am being encouraged to be completely candid with my team medical staff and fully disclose any signs or symptoms that may be associated with a concussion. I have been honest and I have spent most of the past week sitting in a chair in front of a TV watching World Cup soccer, assorted reruns and The People's Court. But I am getting bored and impatient. And I am starting to worry. Nobody is irreplaceable. If I don't get back in the game, I may loser my spot on the team. I should be thankful that the new policy gave me this week off!

I have no doubt that this is really the way NFL players think about concussions, even with the new policy. And I don't know how those guys go back a week after suffering this type of injury. My concussion was probably less severe than anything suffered by an NFL player, and yesterday I needed a nap after sitting in a chair for 3 hours. Its no surprise that these men have so many issues later in life.

I had a good day yesterday. DH and I went out for breakfast and then to the local farmers market. Then he dropped me off at the nail salon for some manicure therapy. We watched the soccer game, which was really exciting even though the US team lost. In the evening we went to a graduation party for a couple of hours. Tomorrow I am going back to work. I'm actually looking forward to it.

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