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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Random Thoughts From West Palm Beach

  • Four nights on the pullout bed is more than enough.

  • Swimming in 80 degree water sucks all the energy out of you very quickly.

  • You can wear anything (or close to nothing) on a Sunday evening in South Beach.

  • On Sunday evening in South Beach, I had the most unusual Bat Mitzvah party diiner-- pizza, sushi and chicken wings.

  • Having a daughter that rides horses competitively is VERY expensive.

  • Having a mom that enjoys shopping and occasionally buys you clothes is a great treat!

  • Having a mom that lives far away when you sense that she is a little lonely is hard.

  • A good foreign film is like opening a present. You are not sure what is inside, but you’re confident you are going to like it.

  • Spending a few days with my mom renews my commitment to use the telephone to reach out to people I love and don’t speak to often enough.

  • Spending time with family members you don’t see very often is a gift to be treasured.

  • Southern Florida has a vibrant triathlon community, and the Wellington Mall has a great running/triathlon store. But I don’t know how they do anything in that unrelenting summer heat.

  • It might be time to think about having surgery on my foot to get rid of the bone spur. Besides the pain (which is not terrible), I am really having a shoe problem.

  • I really want an iPad. But that has nothing to do with West Palm Beach. Other than having extra time to think about it.

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