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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Road to Recovery

The Road to Redemption has been replaced by the Road to Recovery. I am getting better, but I now realize that this is going to take time. I wouldn't be fair to myself if I didn't give myself a chance to heal. Now is not the time to push the envelope.
Today I went down to the dental clinic at the hospital to have my stitches removed (I was stitched up by an oral surgeon). This 10 minute procedure was accompanied by 2 hours 50 minutes of waiting. When I returned home after holding my head up for 3 hours without the support of a big comfy chair, I had to take a nap. I still get dizzy when changing from horizontal to vertical positions or moving too fast. It is becoming obvious, even to me, that I need to be more patient. And so for the next few weeks, its all about me, and healing. On the positive side, all the lacerations and road rash are healing, and my physical appearance has been upgraded from horrible to awful to terrible.
I took my bike in today for an evaluation and Dolce will be fine. Like me, she may have a few scars, but nothing is broken!

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Jon said...

Well hopefully this weekend you will go from terrible to not-so-good. Hope the healing process speeds up!