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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Road to Redemption

July 11-- Tri N Du Putnam. Over the next 30 days, I am going to do my best to prepare for my second sprint triathlon. The Road to Redemption will be physical, mental and nutritional. There will be more mileage, more consistency, and less crappy food. I am bringing back Dab the Wussy. Dab the Wussy is an acronym for “Once A Week, Do What Sucks, At The Body Shop, Until Your Eyeballs Hurt.” So once a week, probably over the weekend, I will totally annihilate my body, empty the tank completely, doing what needs to be done. Sounds like bricks to me.

Yesterday was Day 2 on the Road to Redemption. I did a strength workout (something that I have not been doing consistently for several months) and then I got in the pool for Masters Swim (also something I have not been doing consistently for several months). The staff let us know that the coach would be late because he got on the wrong train, but he never made it. So we improvised with a “People’s Choice” workout. Each team member designed a 400 yard portion of the workout. It might have been a little choppy, but it got the job done and we all worked hard. We spent the last 10 minutes sitting in the hot tub. That was my favorite choice!

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Jon said...

awesome! good luck!