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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Thank you RecSpec

Cyclists love eyewear, whether or not they wear glasses and/or contact lenses. I don' t know if many of my cycling friends would describe their eyewear as "protective." Most of them wear them to keep bugs and dirt out of their eyes. I had been content to just wear my everyday glasses until about a year ago. For whatever reason, I decided to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses that would provide more protection and look good. I was wearing them when I crashed and I am sure glad I was. I was so thankful that I was wearing my helmet, that I wasn't really thinking about the glasses. A few days ago I took a good look at them and once again I realized that the outcome would have been far worse if I wasn't wearing them. The frame isn't even bent, but most of the paint has been scraped off the frame and the lenses are deeply gouged. Thank you Liberty Optical for the RecSpec! Today I ordered not 1 but 2 replacement pair; one pair has dark grey lenses, real sunglasses for the bright sunny days and the other has transition lenses that get darker in the sun, for all the other days when the sunglasses are too dark. Please consider whether you need protective eyewear! Your vision is worth the investment!

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RockStarTri said...

Thanks for stopping by. I have Rudy Project cycling glasses with prescription inserts. I looked at the outside lenses and they are toast. Fortunately I can just buy the non prescription lenses as the rest of the glasses are ok.