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Monday, August 02, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll

DH and I are home after spending a long weekend in Lancaster County PA with a group of our cycling club friends. This is what we did: eat, ride, drink, eat some more, sleep, then repeat this sequence. It was gobs of fun. Flori's shirt says it all: let the good times roll indeed! This marked my return to the saddle and it was just about perfect. Lancaster County is the heart of Amish country, so we were riding on roads through beautiful farmlands and small towns. Yesterday DH offered to ride with me since most of the slower riders either had to head home or decided to find something else to do. Our hotel was in Paradise and we rode to Intercourse. So, you would think Amish dogs would be very mellow, kinda trot around bark at the chickens, take a nap. DH was riding ahead of me, and we pass this Amish farmhouse with 2 small dogs in the front yard. The dogs kinda watched DH ride by, and when I rode past them, they both start barking and coming for me at full speed! One of those Amish dogs wouldn't quit, and I kept thinking about sharp little teeth. The little fucker finally gave up. When were a safe distance away, I looked at DH, and asked him why they ignored him and came after me. "It's because they could tell you are weak." I reminded him that the plan was to return to Paradise from Intercourse. He quickly changed his mind and admitted that the dogs must have been attracted to my shiny new silver cycling shoes.

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