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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where were you in 1969?

On Friday, DH and I went up to Bethel NY to visit the "Woodstock" museum. We made sure to go on a day there was no show so we could spend time there without any crowds or difficulty getting in and out on the infamous Rt 17B. It was fabulous. The museum does a great job balancing the culture of the '60s that paved the way for Woodstock, the multiple story lines from those magical days in 1969, and the impact on the world. The photos and video are awesome. We drove up and back listening to the soundtrack and bought a copy of the original movie. Neither DH nor I were there, but we still both felt the energy when we walked across that field. Peace and music. What a great concept.
Staying true to the "where were you in 1969" theme, the next day I drove up to Sylvan Lake to a reunion of my childhood summer friends. We spent summers at the same bungalow colony complete with day camp, color wars, talent shows, musical theatre, boyfriends and girlfriends, little brothers and sisters, pinball machines, kickball, rowboats, etc. There were about 10 of us. Some of these people I have not seen for 35-40 years. There was alot of catching up to do! We sat under the same tree that shaded our mothers. We look like our mothers! It was strange-- we are becoming our mothers and yet we could see ourselves doing what we did as kids as if it was yesterday. But it was wonderful to reconnect and make new memories.

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RockStarTri said...

My daughter is going to a running camp this week. The highlight of the camp is running to the Woodstock site in Bethel. Of course, the key is how far away from the site is the camp.

She'll see soon!