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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mom's Personal Shopper

My mom does not have a computer. After my dad died, my brother and I made several attempts to get her online, but she never got the hang of it and didn't really seem all that interested. She knows that she would have another way to keep in contact with her grandchildren, but even that was not enough of an incentive to get her online. But one of the consequences of her non-internetness is that I have become her personal online shopper. She now calls me about once per week to do some retail research for her. This week she has me shopping for silk underwear. That's right, I had to research petite silk underwear for my mom. She plans to wear it in April when she comes up to New York for Passover. Silk longjohns in April? Well, maybe we will be able to turn the heat down to 75 if she's wearing them.

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Buttons Thoughts said...

I love the way your Mom thinks. LOL My Mom is 83 and I love the way she thinks also. She does not know she is 83 and I want to not know either. She says it is just a number.