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Saturday, January 22, 2011

You're Going Out in This Weather?

Thursday night brought another 4 or 5 inches of snow, which covered up the layer of icy slush from Tuesdays storm. And so the snowshoe army was ready for another adventure. The only problem -- the arctic blast. Today's weather forecast was for a sunny day with a high of 20 degrees. But I haven't felt cold at all on any of the other days we were out there, so I figured I would make a few "wardrobe adjustments" and give it a try. When I pulled my car out of the garage, the thermometer read 30 degrees. I wondered how low it would go as I drove across the county to Ward Pound Ridge reservation. I was pleasantly surprised when it was a balmy 18 degrees when I parked my car. And 9 other crazy outdoor people showed up. Off we went on the red and green trails and what a glorious day it was! If anything I (and a few of my companions) was overdressed. Spending 2 hours on the trails with a bunch of great people followed by lunch at the local coffee shop....... priceless.

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