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Friday, January 14, 2011

On My Mind

Today DH and I started the elimination diet. Last night I prepared for that by cleaning out the frig and removing all the eliminated foods from the pantry. It was not a bad idea to clean out the pantry. I threw out items that have been around much too long. I filled 2 big boxes with all the eliminated foods. Bye bye lasagna, rice noodles, brown sugar, soy crisps, raisins, I could go on and on. Between the purge and the elimination, my pantry is about 75% empty! Once this experiment is over (in 4 weeks) we will be able to slowly reintroduce foods into our diets. I'm sure we will return many of the eliminated foods to the pantry, but I have a feeling I will be donating a big pile to the food bank.

We are going to be preparing the vast majority of our meals at home. We do a decent job of that now, so that won't be a big change. Tonight's dinner was sesame tuna, roasted cauliflower and carrots, and kale sauteed with onions with pine nuts. Not too shabby! I also roasted some chickpeas to take with me tomorrow as a snack when I go snowshoeing.

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Claud said...

This sounds pretty ambitious Shelly, but your first dinner sounds great. Good luck!