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Friday, February 11, 2011

On My Mind....Cookbooks

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I consider myself a good cook. I enjoy cooking, when I have enough time and I don't feel rushed. But I am not an intuitive cook, I cook almost entirely from cookbooks. I love cookbooks. They allow me to travel all over the world and experiment with different foods. I never have to prepare chicken the same way twice if I don't want to. Sometimes I will cook something and then when I want to prepare it again, I cant find the recipe! But I do try to keep track of my favorites. I write in my cookbooks. I will note when a recipe is really good (or really bad) and any modifications I might make. I usually make a list of my favorite recipes and the associated page number inside the front cover. I borrow cookbooks from the library, too. Sometimes I will copy of few recipes and sometimes I will purchase the cookbook. I think cookbooks are a good investment. Especially when the alternative is eating mediocre food or depending on someone else to prepare your food.


rhonda jean said...

Hi Shelly, I'm the opposite sort of cook. I love cook books but only to get ideas from and to see what others are cooking. I tend to cook by taste and intuition. I really like the idea of writing in cook books. It gives those people who inherit your books an idea of you and what you like. Happy cooking!

Becky said...

I adore cookbooks - the older the better. The reason I like the older books is the require basic plain food items and don't call for mixes and such that are chemical laden. Happy Cooking~ I am going to try more vegetarian dishes as my son's girlfriend has recently gone "no meat" and I want to have dishes that she can eat when she is over.

Mary said...

I love cookbooks too. I rarely follow a recipe, but use them to get ideas. However, in vegetarian cooking takes up almost all of the cookbooks I own and they are mostly Moosewood cookbooks. I found through experience to follow those recipes, they know what they are doing when it comes to vegetarian food.