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Friday, February 18, 2011

Two Wheels

Things have really warmed up here in the northeast, if only for a few days. Not having to work today, I went out for a ride. Three of my cycling friends joined me for a somewhat leisurely 24 mile ride. We chose a route that travels on roads with numbers instead of names because they were more likely to have cleared shoulders. That seemed to be a good strategy. The roads had a little more traffic, but we had plenty of room to ride most of the way. We stopped at one of the more bicycle-friendly cafes along the way, for beverages. When we hit the road again, the sun was coming out and we really warmed up as we climbed some good hills. Overall, it was just great to be out there on 2 wheels. I'm left with a bad case of spring fever, as the temps are supposed to drop tonight. Tomorrow's forecast includes winds up to 50 mph. Not a good day for 2 wheels.

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