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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Discombobulated, what a great word, and that describes this past week. Just when I thought it was safe to take my bike and get back out on the road, a snowstorm shows up, delivering icy roads, and cranky commuters (me included). Add to that the need to get some things done at work that haven't been getting done, and before you know it, Friday rolls around and I realize I have been eating crappy food all week and I never got to the gym. I was totally discombobulated. On Friday, the anti-discombobulation began, and it continued through the weekend with some success. The discombobulating weather has temps hovering just above freezing for good portions of the day. On Saturday I gave in to Mother Nature and took a spin class, but ironically, it wasn't much different than riding outside. The temp in the spinning studio was 41 degrees when we started (someone turned off the heat, obviously) and then we climbed up and down some big hills. I also decided that since I wasn't going to spend a good chunk of the day on a bike, that it would be a good opportunity to spend most of the day at the mall. That worked out well, but today I decided to be bold and I went for a ride. It wasn't my idea, it was Diane's but I was glad somebody else was just as crazy as me. Chris showed up too. The temp was a balmy 31 when we set off. It really wasn't that bad, but you couldn't stop moving. We were happy we picked a hilly route-- the hills kept us warm. We cut it short when the wind started to pick up, just 20 miles, but we definitely felt like warrior princesses. The hot shower when I got home was fantastic! And now I am pondering how I am going to do the right things this coming week..... Antonyms for discombobulated (and synonyms for anti-discombobulated) .... do well, succeed.

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