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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Go For It

The morning was misty and the roads were wet. Two riders decided not to come, another called with concerns. But I was confident that the weather was going to improve and I won't have a chance to ride tomorrow. Besides, tomorrow's weather will probably be much worse than today. So I decided to try to make it happen. Worse case scenario, if the weather deteriorated, we could all just go have brunch. But by the time we got rolling, the drizzling had stopped and there were a few patches of blue sky. Six of us set off on another adventure! About 7 miles down the road, Paula got a flat. The others rode ahead and I helped her change the tube. We got rolling again, only to have the same tire go flat again. Changed it again, this time trying to sweep away anything that was causing the flat. Well, she went flat for a third time. Uggh! I left her with her patch kit and a cell phone (in case the patch kit didn't work). By this time my companions were a good ways ahead of me (or so I thought) so I took a shortcut to our rest stop at Tazza Cafe. But when I got there, they hadnt arrived yet. Turns out they had 2 more flats that required multiple tube changes as well. 6 riders, 3 flats, 5 tubes, and a patch. It was just one of those days. We had some refreshments at the cafe and then rode the hills back to our starting place. It felt great to ride these roads with my cycling buddies. Now my knees and legs are a little tired, just enough to know I was out there today doing what I love to do!

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