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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New Season

A new tradition-- haiku for today's ride......

To Greenwich Point Park
Rode the hills, wind in my face
Springtime, here at last.

The club's season officially began on March 15. On this first Saturday of the season, the club put up a full roster of rides, something for everyone. I'm sure it's still a little cold for many of our members, but I enjoy riding in this weather (unless it gets windy). Other than full length bike tights, a headband that fits under my helmet, and a pair of full-length gloves, I don't need any special gear. I love riding in the early spring. Trees are budding and their colors are rising on the hillsides. The willow trees are really starting to bloom. Little flowers are beginning to peek out along the roads. Early in the season it's okay to feel slow, and yet I feel like anything is possible, with the whole season ahead. Today I rode with my friends out to Greenwich Point Park. It was great to reconnect, to welcome new members, to push up and then fly down the hills, to visit a new coffee shop, and to finish up knowing I had a workout. Tomorrow I get to do it again. Yay me!

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