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Sunday, March 13, 2011

To Greenwich Point Park

One of the classic club rides is from SUNY Purchase to Greenwich Point Park. Purchase NY is on the NY/CT border, and the back roads of Greenwich are our backyard. Greenwich Point Park is open to Greenwich residents only during the season, and the season starts on April 1. So the ride to Greenwich Point with a stop at the Arcadia Coffee shop is a staple of the club's members who ride through the winter. I don't ride much during the winter, and I can't keep up with those winter riders anyway, so I have never ridden out there. I really wanted to do this ride, but I don't know the roads that well, so I asked my husband to ride with me.

My husband does not enjoy riding in cold weather, and yesterday was probably on the cusp of his comfort level. The ride out to the point wasn't too difficult and the park is really beautiful. I didn't really stop to take photos. It would be nice to spend some time there with a camera. We were very surprised to see so many people in the park and out on the beach. They don't allow dogs in the park after April 1 either, so everyone was there with their dog. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the great outdoors.

It was windy day, and the wind was really whipping around when we got closer to the water and especially when we got into the park. DH got chilled, and he couldn't get warm for the entire ride back to Purchase. Plus I slowed him down when we hit some hills in the last 5 miles of the ride. I offered to buy him a hot beverages at Starbucks and he accepted.

We don't ride together often, but I do enjoy these opportunities. I know he didn't love being out there on a not very warm March day, but he loves me, so that made him happy. Me too.

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