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Friday, June 03, 2011

Change Is Good

I've been working with a personal trainer for a few years. It gets me to the gym and lifting weights at least once a week. My trainer is very traditional. Although we did work with free weights, she usually had me using the full assortment of weight machines. Sometimes I felt her workouts weren't dynamic, but whatever she was asking me to do, it was working. The day after I was always sore in very many places, and I had muscles! Besides, it was awkward to try to work with a different trainer since I didn't really have other days or times to get to the gym.

Then, last week, my trainer called me to tell me that she got fired! She's been arguing with the boss man for the past few months, and she pushed him a bit too far and was shown the door.

So I kinda got my wish. I had purchased a 12 pack of trainer sessions and I still had six left, so I started working with one of the other trainers yesterday. Yes, change is good. I told her I want to work more on core and balance as well as more traditional strength training. Today I woke up sore in new places, especially the smaller muscles all around my core. Be careful what you wish for!

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