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Sunday, June 19, 2011


There is a lovely cafe in Somers that is owned by a member of the bike club. As much as we like the bagel shop in Somers, we always make Tazza Cafe our rest stop when our rides take us through that part of the cycling universe. Ed, the owner purchased a bike rack for the parking lot and he usually has a big box of Clif bars which he offers gratis. We are happy to give him our business. Yesterday 3 rides stopped at Tazza. Thats about 50 riders-- lots of iced coffee and muffins! Luckily our arrivals were somewhat staggered.

Tazza was at the crossroads, with meetups as the 3 rides rolled in and out. There are many couples in the club who, like DH and I ride at different levels. Joel and David were on the D ride, and met up with wives Amy and Cathy when the C ride showed up. I had slowed down to lead a D ride, and I was happy to see my faster friends. It was also a chance for anyone who pushed the pace to fall back with a slower group and take it easier on the way back.

It was a great weekend for riding and celebrating. One of my cycling club friends celebrated her 60th birthday on Saturday. On a beautiful evening, we feasted, drank champagne, and enjoyed a great big carrot cake! It doesn't get much better-- a big party sandwiched between 2 beautiful days of riding.

Happy Fathers Day to my DH and all the other dads out there. Nothing fancy here. Our kids are not home, so we did what we usually do on Sundays. I spent a little extra time preparing a nice dinner-- Cuban spiced pork tenderloin, Moroccan carrot salad with fresh mint, and artichokes with spicy peanut sauce. Of course I thought about my dad and all the things he did with me and for me. But I also realized that I think those thoughts often, I don't need Fathers Day to turn my thoughts in that direction. But thinking about my dad has definitely increased my happy quotient for this weekend.

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