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Friday, June 24, 2011

Pushups, Squats, and Planks Oh My!

I've been working with my new trainer, whose mantra is "Pushups, Squats and Planks, Always." Whatever else she has me doing, I'm doing pushups, squats and planks. You can imagine how many variations there are of these 3 classic exercises. Today's variations involved the TRX. And I can already feel the soreness settling into my back, shoulders and abs.

The weather has been crappy. Wednesday night's ride was cancelled, Thursday brought scary storms, and today the threat of big storms kept me off my bike. Tomorrow morning DH and I are each going to ride solo.

The reason we are not going on club rides tomorrow is because my niece is getting married tomorrow evening, and we will be heading out in the afternoon. I don't want to get sucked into the time warp of a club ride. I want to have the time to make sure I have everything I need to get all gussied up, don't want to be rushed! Another chance to visit family..... the week started with the sadness of a funeral and will end with the happiness of a wedding..... the circle of life.

I bought my husband a new cycling jersey for Father's Day. It arrived and he loves it:

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RockStarTri said...

I saw that jersey in a bike shop down town. I personally would never wear that style but I think it says something that there were plenty of the Yankee flavor but much fewer of the Metropolitan flavor. Just sayin'

I find sometimes riding outside of a group lets your mind wander. Keep dry and enjoy the wedding.