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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just Call Me Slow Twitch

One day last week I left work a little early and when I got home, I jumped on my bike. DH and I are very lucky (and probably a little spoiled). We can open the garage door and go, “where the hills are abundant and all roads lead to the Croton Dam.” That is how I describe riding in our corner of Westchester County. And I have finally taken my husband’s advice and stopped worrying about the hills. It’s futile, anyway. It doesn’t matter which way you go, there will be hills. In fact, I am learning to love the hills…. because if doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. And I’m still here blogging about the hills, so they haven’t killed me.
I have ridden consistently over the last 3 months and I’m definitely stronger, especially when climbing, but stronger has not translated into faster. I can ride longer and it feels easier, but similar to my recent experience in the pool, I have 1 speed—SLOW. I guess I am all slow twitch fibers.

I suppose if I really wanted to I could get myself a coach, start riding intervals and hill repeats, drink protein shakes, and buy a $5,000 bike. That combination might increase my average speed by 1 or 2 mph……But I don’t want to do any of those things.

So I am stuck at slow, slow but strong! I will push myself to ride further and faster, because that’s how you get stronger. I will climb those hills, and take photos when I get to the top. I will ride fewer miles than my faster friends, but we will all meet up at the end for the party. I might even catch them on the way up some of those hills.

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RockStarTri said...

You don't need a coach. Cycling is allowed to be fun. If it becomes not fun because of speed or kac there of, then and only then is it time to make a change.

There are two camps of thought to consider. One camp says in order to get stronger ride lots. The other camp mantra is to ride hard. I find a balance somewhere in between is right for me.