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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Unique NYC Adventure

This adventure did not involve a bicycle! I took the subway to 23rd St. and 8th Ave and visited the High Line. The High Line is an urban park on the west side of Manhattan that used to be an elevated freight train line. It was abandoned many years ago and was going to be demolished until some community activists began a campaign to "save the High Line." The first section of the park was opened in 2009, and the 2nd section was opened this spring. When completed, the High Line will be 1.5 miles long.

It is beautiful. The gardens that flow along the rails are very lush and wild. They definitely evoke a sense of what the High Line looked like before it was "reclaimed." Being above the streets is a unique way to experience the city. There are all kinds of interesting buildings, old and new that are above and alongside the park. The design includes benches and alcoves and even wooden chaise lounges built into the park.

Notably, there are only a few vendors within the park. I did not see 1 Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for the entire 2 hours I spent there. I did enjoy a delicious blackberry ice pop, perfect on a hot summer day. Chic new cafes and eateries are flourishing beneath the High Line and a "food court" of food trucks can be found at the northern end.

The High Line is a photographic playground.
Between the gardens, the people, the buildings, and the juxtaposition of NYC, it would be easy to take 100 photos while visiting. But I have been experiencing bad camera karma over the past few days..... make that weeks. Yesterday was the pinnacle of bad karma. I could not find my DSLR, so I grabbed my little Elph. I took about 5 photos before the battery ran out of juice. I always bring an extra battery, but not this time.....I was SO frustrated. I will have to return to the High Line with a fully loaded camera bag! DH really wants to get there too, so I will definitely be back, probably more than once.

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