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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Ride For Pie

This past weekend was The Farm Ride, in western Massachusetts. The ride "headquarters" was the North Dorm at U Mass Amherst. About 45 cyclists from my club made the trip, and we all stayed at a crappy HoJos, because the hotel had a pool.

Saturday was the main event, and on an absolutely perfect day, all participants (henceforth referred to as Farmers) had a choice of 27, 77, or 100 miles. I opted for the 27 miler, due to recent back issues. Although I had ridden the day before with no pain, I did not want to take a chance. (I wish there had been an option for something between 27 and 77). It was nice to slow down and appreciate the world we were rolling through. And the pie. The routes were fairly flat, and the roads were beautiful, through the farmlands of western Mass. We rolled into the first rest stop and there were fresh fruit pies, with whipped cream! as well as Oreos, Larabar bites, Fig Newtons, mixed nuts, fresh peaches, bananas, peanut butter jelly snadwiches, and other goodies that I just can't remember. But pie works for me. Eventually we were able to separate ourselves from the snacks and we continued on our journey to the site of the feast. This was the real deal.... grilled burgers, sausage and hotdogs, salads, corn on the cob, and pie... ala mode! and free massages!!!!

Eventually all the Farmers made it back to our hotel and gathered around the pool for cocktails.... but that was just to get us in the mood for the dorm party and the Vertigo Martini Lounge. Since most of the Farmers stay in the dorm, that is the logical place for folks to gather and party. Farmers are invited to suggest a theme for a party room in the dorm, and if approved, you receive a "party grant" to fund your extravaganza. My club sponsored the Vertigo Martini Lounge. This is the sign at the door:

Yeah, pants optional. That's why I wore a dress. I can't post any pictures from INSIDE the Vertigo Martini Lounge because most of these people have respectable and high-powered jobs! Besides, what happens in the Vertigo Martini Lounge, stays in the Vertigo Martini Lounge.

When we considered riding on Sunday morning, it was raining. No decisions to be made, other than where to have breakfast before heading home. Since there were no pie options at 9 am on a Sunday at the crappy HoJos, we drove into Northampton to Sylvesters for pancakes. Because if you can't have pie, pancakes are a fantastic 2nd choice, especially with real maple syrup.

Driving home in the torrential downpours was a drag, but it wasn't that far and it was worth it. For the pie.... and the martinis...... and the company of friends.... and even for the 27 mile ride.

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