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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Solo Photo Safari

I spend a good amount of time on Flickr. One of the many groups I have joined is the "100 Possibilities Project." You take 100 photographs of the same object. I am taking 100 photos of Dolce, my bike.

The weather this morning was drizzly wet yucky. But the skies started to brighten and I decided to take Dolce for a leisurely ride at about 11:00. Although it wasn't raining, it felt like it should have been, because the humidity was at least 100%. Took the elph and my journey turned into a little photo safari, with Dolce as my model. We made stops along the way, whenever the scenery invited a photo. It was fun. I got a few good picturtes that I will add to the Dolce collection. Only need 86 more photos to get to 100.

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