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Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Day for My Boys

I got a phone call from son #2 this morning. He flew solo today. Yes, my son is studying aviation at the University of North Dakota, and today he took off and landed an airplane all by himself. He had told us a week or so ago that this day was coming, and I told him not to tell me when it was going to happen until it was done (I really didn't want to sit around and worry about it). Very exciting. That's my flyboy.

This afternoon we packed up 2 cars. Son #1 is moving to Arlington VA tomorrow. He graduated from the University of Delaware in May and he has a job with Ernst and Young. Also very exciting.

My boys are all grown up..... when did that happen? It seems like just yesterday that I was walking with them to the bus stop...... And now they are flying airplanes and furnishing an apartment.

I am a proud mom.

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