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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Body Pump

Since my personal trainer got fired, I haven't been focusing on my strength with any kind of consistency. Menopause is associated with muscle loss and I'm really noticing this.... I need to lift weights on a regular basis if I have any hope of reversing this trend. So today I took my first ever Body Pump class.

Body Pump is a weight lifting program done as a group exercise class. In 1 hour, we worked through most of the major muscle groups. The class is broken into several segments, each with its own music. Between segments I was able to change the amount of weight on my barbell to get ready for the next segment. I used very low weights and focused on keeping proper form to avoid injury. I've been lifting weights for years, and there was nothing new or different in Body Pump, other than the group exercise vibe (but I've done that too). The bottom line is that I did a strength workout today, it was tough even though I used very light weights, and I didn't have to pay a personal trainer to get it done. And it was fun.

I'm feeling the soreness setting in..... can't wait to do it again!

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