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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vacation part 3

Cycling along the Columbia River Gorge was definitely the hilight of our vacation. The old highway, built in the early 1900, was designed to take advantage of the beautiful landscape. The road makes elegant curves and the grsde never exceeds 5%. The roads climbs to beautiful vistas and overlooks that are 700-800 feet above the river. Although never steep, these ascents (and descents) are 4-5 miles long. I was ready for this! The 2 days we spent riding on the Highway along the gorge was probably the best cycling I have ever experienced. Climbing to those vistas and looking out over the river and the gorge...... it was just awesome.

And when you're done riding, microbreweries are abundant.

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Audrey said...

HI! I love all of your vacation pics but especially the one here of three people. Pretty fabulous pic!