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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Truck 1, Shelly 0

I have attended 4 meetings in the last 5 weeks: Boston, White Plains, Las Vegas, and Washington DC. It's been tough to do the right thing, with much less control over food and limited opportunities to work out. Plus I seemed to remain in sloth-mode even when I was home and had choices...... I was having difficulty getting turned around; I was not making good decisions.

This weekend was a good opportunity to make good things happen. Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful November day, and I went on a club ride, riding past many beautiful horse farms and reservoirs in northern Westchester County. I was having some difficulty keeping up (use it or lose it) and found myself at the very back of the ride with my friend Rick. We were at mile 21 of a 26 mile ride when I got hit by a truck. I got hit by a big fu*&^%n truck! As soon as he started to pass me, I realized he wasn't leaving me a lot of room. Then BAM, I got slammed on my left side. My next thought included the words violent and die. I really don't know what I looked like as I bounced off the truck into the woods. Luckily no guardrail or rocks. I landed hard on my butt and saw Rick riding toward me. At this point cars stopped in both directions and people were getting out to help me. I realized I was alive and although there was pain, I wasn't broken in half and my head hadn't hit the road. I was able to stand, legs and pelvis intact. I didn't need an ambulance. A very nice man named Tom offered to put me and Rick and our bikes in his truck and take me the remaining 5 miles to my car. When we got back and talked with our friends, we realized this asshole almost hit 4 or 5 other riders. Unfortunately, nobody got a plate number or even a good description of the truck.

My left arm was starting to really swell and it really hurt so I called my husband and he picked me up and took me to the emergency room. By the time I got into a treatment room and took off my clothes, I had a bruise on the left side of my butt the size of a dinner plate. Left arm wasn't looking too good either. Luckily I was totally covered in multiple layers so the abrasions/road rash were not too bad. The x-rays were negative, nothing is broken.

I am very bruised and very sore. I am very grateful that I am alive and not seriously hurt. A big thank you to my club friends who took care of me. The truck won, but I am not planning on a rematch. One close encounter with a truck per lifetime is one more than anyone should endure.


RockStarTri said...

That sucks. Hope you feel better soon.

Audrey said...

AHhhh!! I am so sorry!! Please rest up and recover!! I am glad your road rash is minimal and I hope the soreness abates soon!!!! So scary. Take care!