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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cycling Couples

One of my friends is writing an article about "cycling couples" for the February (Valentine's Day) edition of the club's newsletter. She asked 5 or 6 cycling couples to write something about how we came to be a cycling couple, the pros and cons, maybe a little humor, etc. So this is what DH and I wrote. I know she will only use little pieces of it, but it was fun to write. Brought back many wonderful memories. And made me appreciate our lives together.

When Shelly and Lew met (on a blind date but that is a story for another day), Lew was primarily into basketball and running- 5 and 10K’s, with occasional soccer and softball. Shelly and her friends were cycling on weekends and taking mini-cycling vacations together. Lew decided it was time to purchase a bike and Shelly bought some new running shoes. Shelly had been a lifeguard at a summer camp and Lew was under the mistaken impression that she was a good swimmer. When their relationship began to get “serious,” Lew decided Shelly should become a triathlete. For some reason, Shelly decided being incredibly slow in 3 sports might be fun but insisted that Lew join the fun, so Lew forced himself to become a swimmer. And so began the Triathlon Adventures, V1. Clearly Lew was the more serious triathlete and he competed in many Olympic Tris between 1985 and 1991.
Then the babies arrived. Over the next 15+ years, they both tried to stay in shape. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy. But eventually son #1 had a driver’s license, then son #2 had a driver’s license and the Parental Taxi Service was no longer in business. Shelly and Lew were also facing some BIG Birthdays and decided a BIG Hawaiian vacation was in order. Once the trip was booked, Shelly realized she had a few months to get ready for this “multi-sport active vacation.” She remembers some of those short rides around the neighborhood……but thinking about riding in Hawaii kept her going. The Hawaiian vacation was wonderful. Shelly realized how much she missed cycling, and Lew realized how much he missed triathlons.
With their athletic batteries recharged, Shelly joined WCC and they both resolved to compete in another Triathlon. And so began the Triathlon Adventures, V2. Shelly began to ride with the club most weekends, and Lew was doing his thing, mostly solo. They both competed in the Pawling triathlon in 2008. Lew is still pursuing goals as a triathlete; Shelly has started listening to her knees and has decided to pursue being incredibly slow in only one sport…. cycling.
Shelly’s involvement with WCC grew and so did her friendships. At some point she realized that Lew was also a “member,” whether he liked it or not! She would point out rides to him and he soon found his place with the B riders. He still rides solo, but enjoys the longer rides with the club.
There are so many positives to sharing our love of cycling. It’s never a problem when either one of us wants to do something cycling related. It’s never difficult to think of a great gift. Club events appear on both of our social calendars. Probably the greatest “gift” that cycling has given us is the opportunity to travel and share these cycling adventures together. There have been many awesome cycling vacations, most recently to Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Columbia River Gorge.
The only downside is that we don’t often ride together because we ride at different levels. But even this has its advantages. Sometimes we go on separate rides and if the timing works out, we will meet somewhere for lunch. We’ve both gotten to know each other’s riding buddies so we have twice as many WCC friends. Multi-level club events are awesome. This past summer we loved the Wednesday Night Fling. When we do ride together, Lew tries to gently push Shelly to ride a little faster and Shelly aggressively tries to slow Lew down (Shelly is more successful so these rides are slow), but it’s always a sweet time. We’ve talked about a tandem and that still might happen. It would be yet another way to share our passion for cycling.

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