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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Little Family History

My husband has NY Giants season tickets. Originally, these were his father's tickets, when the Giants played at Yankee Stadium. My husband bleeds blue. He went to Pasadena to see the Giants win Super Bowl XXI (1986 season).

When the Giants played the (undefeated) Patriots in the Super Bowl 4 years ago, we actually got 2 tickets in the lottery. They cost $700 each. After considering the options, we decided to send our 2 boys to the game in Arizona. They were 16 and 19 years old at the time. They appreciated the magnitude of that gift and they will have those memories forever. DH and I never regretted that decision.

Fast forward a few years and the Giants build a new stadium. DH was ready to give up his tickets. He felt that selling "Personal Seat Licenses" was essentially blackmail and it was an awful big chunk of money for the 4 seats. But the boys really wanted to keep the tickets so he made a deal with them. He bought the seats (but downgraded to less expensive ones) and the boys agreed that they would pay him back at some point....... (I'm not holding my breath).

So DH and sons #1 and #2 all have blue blood. They have remained true Giants fans through the good times and the bad. Right now they are pumped up and slightly insane as the Giants get ready to face the Patriots again in the Super Bowl.

Yesterday we received an email from the Giants, informing us that we will not be receiving tickets to the Super Bowl. My kids are disappointed. I think they must be a little spoiled since they seemed to be expecting that 1) we would be selected to receive tickets 2) we would purchase the tickets at whatever astronomical cost and 3) we would send them again! Well, obviously their dream has been dashed. So just like most folks, they will be at big Super Bowl parties eating and drinking and hopefully watching the Giants CRUSH the Patriots.

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