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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good Friends. Good Food. Good Roads. Good Music.

FRIDAY. My friend hosted a potluck dinner for The Ladies of C. We are all level C riders. Some of us are slower than others, but we all fall in the 11-14 mph range for most of our rides. Now when you invite a bunch of women to a potluck dinner, you know the food is gonna be good. Food, wine, friends, a couple of puppies, but no men. It was delightful.

SATURDAY. Rowayton to Ridgefield. Rowayton is a beautiful town on the Connecticut coast. The club had several different variations on this ride, some longer and/or faster than others. I opted for the shortest slowest version, which was 42 miles. There were 6 of us....that was perfect. The roads are beautiful and for the most part, quiet. There was about 2,000 feet of elevation on this ride, but almost all of it is in the first half. The ride to Ridgefield is a long slow climb. It wasn't hard. And the return to Rowayton is almost entirely downhill. Awesome. Then we had lunch on the deck of the Rowayton Market, overlooking the 5 Mile River. Also awesome.

Friends on the Rowayton rides, done.

SUNDAY. More perfect weather, another small group of my C peeps, more beautiful roads. We rode up to and around Titicus Reservoir. It makes you think you are in the Berkshires. Today's ride featured a nose bleed (Joan) and a bee sting (me, in my leg). I felt strong today, especially on the hills, even after yesterday's 40+ miles and the bee sting. More awesome.

We made Joan lie down to stop the nose bleed.

Then we met some friends at The Turning Point in Piermont, NY for Southside Johnny and the Poor Fools. The Turning Point is a tiny little place, about 60 seats. The show was, yes, AWESOME.

Alas, tomorrow is Monday, back to work. Less than awesome, but that's the only way to get to next weekend, for more good friends, good roads, and other good things.

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