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Saturday, June 30, 2012

No Wheels

HOT. Very. Hot.

I decided not to ride today. I rode yesterday and the heat was intense. As soon as you stopped moving, the sweat would start pouring down. The best part of yesterday's ride was the Hawaiian Coconut iced coffee at the Moonbeam Cafe in Briarcliff Manor, and the cherries Susan pulled out of a little cooler when we were finished. I considered riding today but I didn't like any of the options. 40 hills in 40 miles starting at 6:30 am, NO. Many hills in 37 miles starting at 9:30 am, ending at 95 degrees, NO. Drive 30 miles to ride 40 miles starting at 8 am, that was a possibility, but in the end, NO.

So after sleeping in and making blueberry pancakes (they were delicious), I decided to go for a really long walk along the Old Croton Aqueduct, which connects with the trails in the Rockefeller Preserve. My goal was the Rockwood Hall trail, which is on a bluff over the Hudson River, former site of one of the Rockefeller Estates. It was a long walk on a mostly flat and well shaded trail. There are some interesting structures along the aqueduct.

This square stone building had a little bench in case you want to sit there and stare at the stone and try to figure out what the building is (or was).

The engravings on this stone marker commemorates the building of the aqueduct in 1859. I like the special acknowledgement for the "stoners." hehe

I stopped to have lunch on this bench overlooking the Hudson. The Hudson is an enormous river. Even though I see the river almost every day, today it seemed bigger than usual.

I brought along a sandwich and a bag of cherries. I love cherries. I wish cherry season was longer.

Deep thoughts on a Saturday afternoon.

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