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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Two Bridges

One of the club's most popular rides is the Two Bridges Ride. It starts in Cold Spring, we travel south and cross the Bear Mt. Bridge, then head north to West Point. On a good day they let us ride through West Point. Then we climb Storm King Mountain, and descend to Newburgh. We come across the Newburgh Beacon Bridge and head south back to Cold Spring. Its 40 miles with lots of climbing. It's a favorite with the faster riders in the club.

On Thursday one of my friends led this ride at a slower pace. Her husband rides slower than she does and she wanted to take him on one of her most favorite rides. Me and some of my slower friends were able to join in! What fun.

When we got to West Point, they let us ride through. We stopped at Trophy Point where a tour guide decided we needed a history lesson! Wow, we finally had to tell him we had a lunch reservation and needed to pedal off.

The road out of West Point is a significant climb, followed by the ascent of Storm King Mountain.

This is Storm King in the winter. You can see the cut, that's the road.

A group photo at the top of course.

And a kiss when my friend's husband made it to the top.

Let me explain....... the husband had a stroke when he was 27 years old. It left him with left side paralysis. So he rides a bike with one leg and one arm. His bike has been adapted so both brakes are controlled by 1 lever, and both gear shifters are on the right. I have been riding alongside him for several years. I don't even think of him as disabled. This man lives his life as if there is nothing that he can't do (actually I know 1 thing he cannot do-- buckle his bike helmet). He has traveled around the world, scuba diving and cycling. He inspires many of us. Can't get up that hill? Really? even with 2 legs?

We made our way to Newburgh where we had lunch on the patio of one of the riverfront restaurants. Lovely. Then across the Newburgh Beacon Bridge, over the 2 ugly hills in Beacon and the sprint back to Cold Spring.

Great day.

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