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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wine Lotto and Brick Oven Pizza

I attended a fund-raiser over the weekend, that was so much fun! There are 3 Amazing Women in the bike club who race, and they win! Back in May they competed in the Berkshire Classic, a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) event, and guess what, they all finished on the podium. And therefore they earned a spot to race at the World Cycling Tour finale, to be held next month in South Africa. Wow! what an opportunity... but you can imagine the price tag on traveling to South Africa. So Jodee and her husband Ed hosted a fund raising party, at their home. There are a few things about Jodee and Ed that set this event apart from others.
1. They have a beautiful home, with a pool and a hot tub
2. Ed knows wine. In fact, he makes wine.
3. They have a brick oven in their backyard for making pizza.
4. Riding from their home has limitless possibilities for all level riders.

We started the afternoon with 3 different rides--Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. They were all mapped to take less than 2 hours to finish. The 3 Amazing Women each rode with one of the 3 groups. That was the appetizer for the main course party.

The price of admission to this fund raising party was $25 and 2 identical bottles of wine. One bottle was put into the prize pile and 1 was used for the wine tasting lotto. Every bottle was wrapped in a brown paper bag, numbered, and placed on a table with stacks of small wine glasses. Participants were asked to taste as many wines as you desired (there were 30 entries) and vote for your favorite (by number). The person that brought the bottle that got the most votes was the winner, and they received a case of wine. There were 2nd and 3rd place winners as well. While we were snacking and tasting 30 different wines, Jodee was popping pizzas into the backyard brick oven. Of course there was salads and other wonderful foods and beer and soft drinks. It was a beautiful day, so people popped in and out of the pool and the hot tub. You can imagine how happy people were with 30 wines on the table and little pizzas magically emerging from the backyard brick oven. And of course, dessert.

I have decided that the bike club is not the place to lose weight....there seems to be a party after every ride! But what's better than eating and drinking to support 3 Amazing Women racing in a world championship in South Africa. There's Monday through Friday for eating salads.

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RockStarTri said...

Congrats to your friends! BTW, I know wine too. I drink it!