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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Alternate Activity

The knee is no better, in fact I think I have Lyme disease. I am waiting for the blood work to come back and I'm actually hoping it comes back positive! Then, I know what the problem is and I can start treatment. Also, a Lyme diagnosis can be elusive. Even if the blood titer is negative, it can be a false negative and that's how some people get really sick from Lyme disease. Everything would be much simpler if I tested positive.

My knee is still puffy and stiff and at times, painful. That's one of the reason why I think its Lyme disease. It's not behaving as if this is the result of an injury. It's not getting better with rest and it's variable. I haven't been on my bike since early August when I was in the Canadian Rockies! In fact, I haven't been active at all. I have turned to one of my more favorite alternate activities..... cooking. This is good and bad. Its good to be cooking really fresh delicious food at this time of year. I go to the farmer's market and come back with awesome raw materials. I try to cook some things that can be frozen. I will be packing lunches, that's always a good thing. But its also dangerous to have all this food around when I am not working out! You can easily eat too much good food, which is not quite as bad as eating too much junk food, but still an issue when you're fighting those few extra pounds.

After I see the doctor on Tuesday, depending on the diagnosis, I will make a plan. This might be what forces me to get back in the pool; that might be the only aerobic activity in which I can participate until my knee comes around. I do miss Dolce, my sweet ride, and all my club peeps....... I hope I get my knee back soon.

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