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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Love Your Knees

It started in Calgary. The day after completing my Canadian Rockies adventure, I noticed that my knee was stiff when I got out of the shower. This was reminiscent of the ruptured Baker's cyst of February. Not good. When I got home, I went to see the orthopedist. He didn't think it was another Baker's cyst (that's good) but he really wasn't sure what was causing my puffy knee. Well, 2 weeks later and my knee is still puffy, wobbly and at times painful. Lab tests on knee fluid that the doctor sucked out of my knee was negative; 10 days of Celebrex has not done much. And my doctor is currently on vacation. Tomorrow I am scheduled to see one of the other docs in the practice for another cortisone injection (had one in Feb). I will also push for another MRI because clearly something has changed since February.

I have a new found appreciation for knees. You cannot be an active person with puffy wobbly knees. I suffer when walking down stairs (more than walking up). I can't hustle to catch a train. I miss my bike and my bike buddies. I don't think I have been negligent of my knees needs. I may ask them to enable my adventures, but I don't think I have asked them to be super human. And I don't think it was the 9 mile climb (of which I completed 7 miles) up to and over Sunwapta Pass that made my left knee revolt.

Please be good to your knees. Love your knees. You can't imagine how much they do for you until they stop working well.

I am hoping the cortisone injection will help but I do want to figure out what is causing my puffy wobbly knee. Then I hope I can fix it.

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