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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Knees in Autumn

Hello Blogosphere, I am here, and I have been riding my bike! Not as much as I would like, I am trying to bring my knee up to speed. I've been riding slow and limited mileage, but my knee hasn't exploded or revolted. This was the first weekend where I rode consecutive days, and so far so good.

Yesterday's adventure was a club ride, with "CLUB" being the major descriptor. As we were gathering, a young woman walked over to the leader and introduced him to Bob. She asked, "have you ever ridden with Bob?" No. "Did his wife call to tell you about him and his problem?" No. "He is a very strong rider but he has some short term memory problems, just keep an eye on him. He won't have any problems riding with a group. And he has a cell phone and he knows how to call me or his wife if he gets lost." This young woman works for the family, and basically, without telling us she was telling us he has early onset Alzheimer's disease. Everyone who was listening to this conversation had the same reaction-- we all have to take care of him and make sure he rides safely and feels welcome in our group. And so it went! I was so proud of my club. No one expressed any doubts or worries about having him on the ride. He never had any problems and you could tell he loved being out there on his bike. Plus he kicked our asses on the hills. He told us he is riding a century next weekend. I hope that's true. Good luck Bob.

Today's adventure was the last 2012 Bike Sunday on the Bronx River Parkway. A 6.5 mile stretch of the parkway is closed on Sundays in May, June and September from 10 am to 2 pm. I'm not sure why I don't ride every Sunday when its available, but I am so glad I did a couple of loops today. The sun came out just as I got on my bike, and the autumn is starting to color the parklands along the parkway. There were riders of all types, but mostly recreational riders that might be fearful of riding on the roads, and lots of families. So many little kids on bikes. I love seeing that. I even saw mom and dad on a tandem with their son on a recumbent hitch. They stopped at the ice cream truck. I loved being there, soaking up the cycling vibes and positive happenings. Looking forward to bringing that into a full fall season of riding.

"BORN TO RIDE" on her basket


RockStarTri said...

Yea for riding again.

The Bob story is great and guys that love cycling that much ALWAYS kick your ass on the hills. At least they do mine!

Marc Nelson said...

Wonderful Biking on the Bronx River Parkway! It sounds more like a fun event.I hope you enjoyed a couple of loops. It is a joy to watch little kids on bikes.

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