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Sunday, March 31, 2013

BIG and Little

Over the past few months, I have made some BIG changes in my diet and therefore, in my lifestyle. But being on a restricted diet and taking control of your food is a BIG commitment. It takes planning and preparation which can be difficult to manage if you work full-time. I don't, so that makes it a little easier. But the payoff has been BIG. Most notably, I have reduced the antihistamine meds I am taking to control my chronic hives from 2 to 1 per day. I am also sleeping better. I am getting more exercise especially as we transition into spring. So overall, I feel better physically and mentally.

But over the last week or two, there have been many little erosions in my autoimmune protocol. There was Passover seder, my mother visiting and her wanting to take the family out to dinner, a trip to the New York Botanical Garden and the Garden Cafe chili, my birthday including gluten-free cupcakes (but still cupcakes!). The result has been little yet noticeable changes in my well-being. I've woken up with 2 or 3 hives over the last few days. And yesterday my stomach was messed up and I got really overheated (cold sweat and ringing ears) in the tropical climate at the orchid show.

So it's back to basics..... good quality food, no (or almost no) sugar, paleo autoimmune protocol with some tweeks, cooking almost all my food, packing lunch and sometimes dinner, and exercising and enjoying time outdoors. I definitely do not want all the little changes to add up to big changes to my health and well-being. I'm worth the time and effort.

This weekend I made cauli rice, paleo brisket in the crockpot, veracruz red snapper, broccoli rabe with garlic and lemon, kale chips, roasted shoestring beets, and a big tossed salad. Don't you wish you could have dinner at my house?

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