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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Knees. Wheat. Hives. Paleo.

"It's always something..." That's what Roseanne Roseannadanna always said (many of you are too young to remember Gilda Radner's character on Saturday Night Live). I've been facing my share of "somethings" over the last 6 months, some more challenging than others. The end result is finding myself in a different place physically than I was when I went cycling in the Canadian Rockies over the summer. That put me in a not so great place mentally. After too much time on the couch, I finally got my act together. My physical/health issues are what they are, and while they may impose limitations on what I can do, I know that continuing rest (slothdom) is NOT going to be beneficial. So I am making a come-back. I turned off the TV. I am back in the gym. I am eating very differently and very clean. Right now my goal is to resume an active healthy lifestyle. I am mixing and matching--cycling, walking, zumba, strength training, yoga. I might even get back in the pool.....I might even get back in the pool for some deep-water running! Right now I don't have any specific goals--races or events--I just want to feel better.

Here are my "somethings:"

1. My left knee is arthritic. I am convinced that this in fact traumatic arthritis resulting from Shelly v. Truck. The force of that gigantic "push" traveled down my butt through my leg and that side of my body has never been the same. I feel it most climbing up and down stairs. My running days are over, that's for sure. But I have been doing lots of walking. I did enjoy a beautiful afternoon of snowshoeing. I am supposed to be receiving an injection of Syn-Visc, which is kinda like a synthetic joint lubricant, but the combination of insurance company and specialty pharmacy is proving to be a giant black hole. But this black hole has given me the opportunity to explore "alternative" treatment. That leads me to

2. Wheat free. After reading Wheat Belly, I decided to give it a try. No bagels. no pizza. no sandwiches. no bagels. no cookies. no cake. no bagels. no croissants. no biscotti. did I mention no bagels? It was tough in the beginning, but the payoff has been huge. My knee is still not normal, stairs still hurt, but have have far less pain, especially overnight. I have no need for painkillers which is good because

3. Hives. Back in November when I was taking up to 4 Aleve per day (which is what my orthopedist recommended), I started to get Hives. Big red patches of itchy hives from my neck down to my knees and everywhere in between. I stopped taking the Aleve, but I still had Hives every day. Saw a dermatologist, started taking antihistamines, still getting Hives, saw an allergist. I have been diagnosed with AICU--autoimmune chronic urticaria (that's the fancy name for Hives). I am not sure if the Aleve was the trigger, but I am not taking any NSAIDs any time soon. The allergist changed up my antihistamines and the hives are under control if not totally eradicated. But that diagnosis had me reading about the connection between autoimmune disease, leaky gut syndrome and nutrition. After finding success by eliminating wheat, I decided it was time to go

4. Paleo. About three weeks ago, I cleaned out the pantry and the frig and gave away a big box of food. No grains. No dairy. No legumes. No soy. No processed food. No sugar. What do I eat? high quality lean meats, vegetables, some fruit, some nuts and seeds. I am also leaning toward the paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) which also eliminates nightshades: eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers. I noticed a difference in how I felt after 1 week. At 2 weeks, I stopped taking 1 of the 2 antihistamines and the Hives are still under control. It's not easy, but again, I feel so much better and empowered!

So where does that leave me and my blog? Somewhere very different than when I first started blogging. Maybe that's why I haven't been. I haven't decided if I will keep blogging, but I do feel a certain need to write about this "paradigm shift." There's a very vibrant online community of paleo people battling autoimmune disease. Might make some new bloggy friends along the way. So stayed tuned for the next chapter of Vergence Ranges......after all, it's still about "the ins and outs of an ordinary life."

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