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Sunday, March 17, 2013

No Excuses

When Paula posted a ride earlier in the week, I'm sure she was thinking it would be a high 40s kinda day. Not so! But I really want to be on my bike. I feel like I have a good amount of catching up to do, and the only way I am going to figure out what I can and cannot do with my cranky knees, is to ride. So I signed up, and showed up with full winter gear-- many layers, warm gloves, balaclava and shoe covers. When we rolled out of the parking lot at 10:00 this morning, it was hovering right around 32 degrees. And it didn't get much warmer than that. Those first few miles (which were downhill!) were brutal. A couple of people almost turned around! But we did warm up eventually. Our destination was a nice warm coffee shop, where we all warmed our insides with hot beverages. The route home had most of the climbing, so we warmed up quickly once we left the warm coziness of the coffee shop. Twenty 3 miles. Not too shabby for us slowpokes in mid-March. I expect to sleep well tonight!

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