The Ins and Outs of an Ordinary Life

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Call Mom Now

On Thursday night I went to a wake for my friend’s mom. She was 88 years old and reminded me of my grandmother. Both were thoughtful and vibrant until their final days. A few days before her mom died, when it was obvious that she was going to lose her, my friend told me how she was losing, not only her mother but her best friend. She was really struggling with letting her go and making decisions about her mother’s medical care, but knew in her heart that there was no choice. My mom will turn 80 this fall. She lives in Florida and I live in NY. We usually talk about once a week, sometimes more sometimes less. I think of my mom often, but I don’t call her often enough. It’s me, not her. We have always had a wonderful relationship and though I still have 1 or 2 secrets, I don’t consciously hold back. I just don’t like talking on the telephone. But that’s an incredibly lame excuse for not calling. What about you? Call your mom right now.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Extraordinarily Ordinary

I have not been working out or spending much time on my bike since my 100 k ride, mostly because I have been spending more time doing other things. Sons #1 and #2 came home from working at Camp Shohola and I have been spending time with them, and preparing them both to go off to college. The weather has been uncooperative as well, and I have way too much work at work. Here are some observations from my extraordinarily ordinary life.

1. When sons #1 and #2 returned home from camp, they began to spread out until they have taken over the entire house. Their crap, oh I mean belongings cover every surface in virtually every room in the house. The house is a disaster zone. They do not have any of their crap in the master bedroom, they just REMOVE items that belong that they have no business removing. Then DH and I have to wade through all of their belongings looking for items they have attempted to assimilate into their possessions (EXAMPLE: power cord for my Mac).

2. There is not a twin XL sheet in a color other than pink to be found within a 40 mile radius of my home.

3. Young men (ages 18-20) eat enormous amounts of food and generate large quantities of dirty dishes. They also seem unable to turn on the dishwasher when it is full. Instead, they using mixing bowls, plastic utensils and empty yogurt containers to hold and eat the large quantities of food. It's one of those vicious cycles.

4. The Yankees are in 1st place. This is the way the universe is supposed to be arranged. This is normal. The new Yankee Stadium is one of my favorite places in this universe.

5. The hot flashes are ramping up. Now they occur during the day as well as overnight. I seem to be learning to live with this. As long as I am sleeping reasonably well, I think I can deal with it. Haven't gotten my period in 2 months.

6. I find the amount of cleavage on display during these summer months to be astonishing. The other day I was in a doctors office and the mother of a young boy desperately needed a larger shirt! Maybe I am old fashioned, but is that how people dress when they are taking their children to the doctor? (Maybe its the hot flashes talking).

7. My niece lost her job. She did marketing for a real estate company. She thought she would be okay even in this market because she was the only marketing person in the company. She didn't see it coming. Then her air conditioner broke and she got strep throat. Not a good week.

8. Project Runway is back. Yippee!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

100 K

I did it, I rode 62 miles, my first metric century. I did it as a club ride, and 13 people showed up. The riders included Marty, a club veteran, a man in his 70s who loves long rides and knows the roads very well; Kas who never says no and is always willing to help out any way he can; Richard and his 12 year old son, Gabriel. Gabe and I both completed our first metric century. I wanted to get a photo of the 2 of us, but he and his father stopped for an ice cream cone pick-me-up and finished a little bit later than the rest of us.

Our adventure began at 8 am with some significant fog. I knew it would burn off, but fog that thick can be a safety issue. Kas has a good blinkie on his bike and he graciously agreed to ride at the back so cars pulling up would see his blinkie thingy and then see us (gotta get me some blinkies). By 9 am the fog was gone, and the sun was upon us. Most of the ride was shaded, but there were some stretches where we absolutley roasted. It was approaching 90 degrees when we finished. The last few miles were really tough. I really felt all used up. This wasn't an especially hilly ride, but those last few hills, as small as they were, felt like mountains. When we were all done and packed up our bikes and gear, Kas treated me to a Coolata. When I got home, I got all clenaed up and then spent a few hours in front of the TV. I was asleep by 10:00. I don;t know if I could have squeezed out another 40 miles. The idea of a full century is still a bit intimidating..... but it's good to have a goal.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Flat v. Fitted Sheets

I went to a meeting at SUNY Delhi. This was a meeting on a shoestring, so most of us stayed in one of the dorms. No, there were no wild parties. Most of the people in attendance were (and still are) geeks, so I imagine everyone took advantage of the available wireless and then went to sleep. The Delhi residence life folks provided sheets, pillows, blankets and towels, so there was no need to bring that along. I looked at the bed and it brought back a flood of memories. I can't believe how many nights my boyfriend and I shared a bed that size. But I digress....Now, how long does a flat sheet stay on a dorm room mattress once one person lies down on the bed? The answer is 2-5 seconds. As soon as I moved a body part, the sheet was sliding off the mattress. The room was hot and staff people had very loud conversations beneath my window at 6 am. That's when I gave up, got out of bed, put on some workout clothes and headed for the gym. Just about every college has a gym that rivals the best health club, and this one is no exception. Plus the cardio equipment is lined up in front of huge glass windows overlooking the Catskill Mountains. Except it was so foggy this morning that you couldn't see anything. It was like working out in the Twilight Zone. I was hungry by the time I got to breakfast, which was a good thing because that was the best meal the food service served up. The meeting was interesting and the peopl were friendly and I would do it again, but next year I'm bringing a fitted sheet.