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Monday, September 26, 2005

The 4 Mile Tour

My GA Bike Tour ended abruptly at mile 4 yesterday. I was registered for the 50 mile tour. Oh well.
I met Karen at registration at a little after 8:00. She was kinda flustered and a little late because she had locked herself out of her house and could not imagine how she was going to get back in. She made a few phone calls and we finally set off at about 8:30. We stopped at 0.2 miles because her bike computer wasn't registering, but she couldn't get it to work. Well, mine was, so off we went. Mile 4, no shoulder, car in the right lane. I rode over a storm drain/grating, went "THUMP," pulled over and saw the huge dent in my front rim. That was it for me. I need a new wheel. I called for support and 5 minutes later the sag wagon pulled up and they took me back to the start. I hung around for a little while, helped out with registration, then I went home. I watched the Yankee game, snoozed on the couch and ate a frozen Snickers. I deserved it after that workout!!!
Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day and I restrained from taking my bike out so my legs would be fresh for the Tour. So I ended up having a rather lazy weekend, but I guess that's OK every once in a while..... as long as it doesn't become the norm.
So back to spinning today. Hoping bike repairs will only involve a new wheel and there's no damage to the fork. But as long as I'm bringing it in, I will let them repack the headset, which I was going to have done after the season. I can ride the hybrid for a couple of days if necessary.

Reading: Empire Falls
Watching: All The Kings Men, Yankee games
Weight: 110 (if only I hadn't eaten the Snickers)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Flame On !!

The flamer/list owner/moderator would not concede that she was part of the problem. So my attempts at conciliation went nowhere. I suggested that she post a portion of the email she had sent to me, which was an appropriate clarification. Instead she posted her entire tirade about why I was wrong. So I posted a comparison of her initial flame and the more appropriate excerpt with the following:
"I viewed the first response as "flaming" and the second as an appropriate response and explanation. So thanks for the clarification. I won't be coming to this meet-up, I hope you have a really big turnout and great Halloween event. I haven't decided yet whether I would enjoy coming to future meetings. And just to set the record strainght, I did come to a meet-up in August and had awonderful time talking with really interesting people."

She then went on to alienate another group member with "i'm sorry, but i'm not going to make myself crazy having a whole bunch of meetings every month to accommadate a few people, and then they don't even show up. it becomes very tedious being stood up.. "

The Bitch is a control freak. But I am going to stay on the high road.

Getting on to more serious things-- Hurricane Rita has been downgraded to category 3.

I am psyched to ride 50 miles in the bike tour this Sunday. I found a D+/C rider to ride with, and I even volunteered to serve food at the end. Hoping for nice weather, which so far seems to be in the forecast.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I've Been Flamed!!

My post to a Yahoo group about a scheduled meet-up date--
FYI--> October 10 is Columbus Day-- I won't be coming into the city to work and I expect many others won't be around that day. Just something to consider.

The response from the listowner--
if people want to come to these meetings, they should make it their business to make the time to come. i've taken polls and have made extra meeting days to accomadate peoplein this group. you been signed up since april, and there have been a number of meetings that didn't fall on a holiday. it would be nice if you came sometime.

I decided to take this offline and replied to the owner's email instead of to the message board. I used yahoo's reply function and I don't know if a copy of my email will show up in my "Sent" folder, but if it does, I will post it here. I took the high road, letting her know that the time I did come to a meeting, she impressed me as a very sincere and dedicated person, and this seems out of character. Perhaps she read something in my email that would not have come off in a f2f situation (doubtful, just giving her the benefit of the doubt; probably having a bad day). My major concern was that other people would read this and not feel very good about it and not want to come to our get-togethers. Already 2 other list members have admonished her for taking this tone. Can't wait to see how she responds to me and to the list. Internet etiquette intrigue!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The New Senator

I attended my first University Faculty Senate meeting on Friday and Saturday, as the new senator representing my campus. I actually felt important, even though I only listened and did not have anything to add to the discussions. Everybody in attendance made me feel welcome and important. They conducted their business as if their work is important, too. I think I will wait and see before rendering my judgement on that. The meetings were in a historic railroad headquarters building, which is now home to Administration. It's an amzing building, including an art gallery in the lobby, that runs the length of the building. I wish I had brought my camera. I seem to have that sentiment often of late. On the way up, I stopped and had dinner with CC and family. We haven't seen each other in very many years, and it was great to have the chance to catch up and spend time with her, her hubby, son and daughter. I hope we can maintain that reconnection.

On the home front, Niece #2 started her new (and first real) job yesterday. Brother is relieved and very happy. Nieces will move into apartment in early October.

Reading: Empire Falls
Listening: On the Media
Watching: Sex and the City Season 2

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mountain Bikers Rock

On Friday, I took my bike to the gym because my Passat was in the shop. At hubby's suggestion, I took the hybrid so I could ride thru BM Reservation. This is defintiely shorter and perhaps less hilly? NOT. As soon as I got off the main road, I was heading straight up over much gravel, needed to put my bike in first gear and started slipping. I had to walk my bike up a couple of times, just couldn't get any forward momentum on the uphill gravel. It was much more difficult than I had anticipated, especially after doing a bazillion squats and lunges and other activities that tend to turn your legs into rubber. I now have much more respect for mountain bikers, after experiencing this activity firsthand. When I got home and told son #2 about it, his response was "hey, what's the big deal, I've done it, no lo problemo." I guess I will have to try it again and then decide if I am a total mountain biking wimp or not. But it really made me crave my Trek more than a second chance. On Saturday, I rode 22 miles on the coveted Trek up and down many a hill, without even a wimper. Well, maybe I wimpered once on the last hill, but I was never close to even thinking about walking uphill!! On Sunday I rode Lew's "Flat 18, " but I put some speed behind it, verifying my status as a C rider.

Reading: All the Kings Men
Watching: Finding Neverland

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Promotion to Level C

I have been promoted to level C!  I rode with the club on Saturday, 27 miles on the bike path.  On the way back, the leader picked up the pace to the equivalent of a C ride, so we averaged 12+ mph.  It was very pleasant, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to ride with some other people instead of alone.  On the ride home, I definitely pushed to stay with the group, which I would not have done if I was alone.  On Monday I went down to SUNY for the new member “E” ride (E for easy?).  Parking Lot #2 at 9 am on the weekends/holiday is bike riders central.  There was at least one other club ride going out, and there were at least 50 bike riders linking up for various rides.  Hey, for once I rode at the front of the pack.  I even opted for the optional 6 mile “challenging” loop.  There were about 20 people on the ride, and then 5 of us took the optional loop—the leader, the co-leader and his wife, me and JR (who was riding a recumbent).  The leader complimented my form and loved my Trek.  Black Trek, you rock! Overall, I am psyched, I enjoyed the riding, even when it was low key, and my confidence continues to build.  I now see where I was, where I am now (in 4 months) and where I can be.  Hope to make the most of the rest of the season.  

On Sunday I went hiking with the club group.  We had about 12 people and 4 labs.  We hiked the Hudson Highlands which was relatively close to home.  It was a spectacular day.    

Reading:  All the Kings Men
Watching: 30 Days on TIVO
Weighing:  110-

Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome to Level D

**The Program**
Heading into a 3 day weekend which is supposed to be perfect, weather-wise. I joined the Cycle Club and I am going to ride with them tomorrow. Sadly, according to their parameters, I am a “level D” rider (avg. speed 10 mph). Well, that leaves plenty of room for improvement. Sunday is a hiking day, and I guess that leaves Monday for whatever! Son #1 is reffing the Labor Day tournament Sat and Sun. Hubby may take son #2 to the flea market. No other real plans. The time has come to think about not driving -- with gas over $3/gallon.

The last few weeks have been very choppy, difficult to maintain a routine, but I feel good. The boys are home, went down to Florida to visit the grandmas, following the human story of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I had slipped quite a bit on the Healthy Habits, but I am getting back on track. . My weight is back to where it should be. I took spinning class on Wednesday. It sure felt good after time spent in Florida, eating and watching TV, especially when Katrina came through. I worked with MPT yesterday, will hit the gym today after work.

Reading: All The King's Men by Robert Penn Warren
Watching: Kinsey (2004)
Listening: Coverville podcasts