The Ins and Outs of an Ordinary Life

Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Don' Come Easy

You know it don't come easy.......

Just when it seemed like I was putting Shelly v. Truck in the rear view mirror and getting some energy and motivation back, along comes February with a new challenge. It actually started the last week in January, when I took a little road trip to Ithaca. When I got out of the car after the 4 hour trip, I noticed my left knee was really stiff. A day or two later, I noticed that my knee was a bit swollen. Then a few days later I noticed that my LEG was swollen..... time to see the doctor who ordered an ultrasound to rule out a deep vein thrombosis, e.g. phlebitis. OK, so the life threatening condition is ruled out, now I'm left with an orthopedic problem. A few more days before I see the orthopedist and the swelling gets worse, can't put on my left shoe! and now I'm in pain every time I ask my calf muscle to get involved. A few X-rays and an MRI later, and I am diagnosed with a ruptured Baker's cyst. Never heard of it? Me neither. The only people who have heard of this are people who had the same problem. This has nothing to do with banana bread or wedding cakes, named after Dr. Baker. It's a outpouching of synovial fluid in the back of your knee. If it ruptures, all the synovial fluid drips into your calf, causing the pain and swelling. Treatment is complete slothdom. I spent a week at home sitting in a chair with my leg elevated. That definitely helped. When I returned to the doctor he decided to give me a cortisone injection to "jump start" the recovery by shutting down the inflammation. The "cortisone juice cloud" that bathed my knee was magical! I could not believe how quickly and completely my knee felt completely recovered. But I did spend a few more days at home, letting my knee rest.

So here I am, about a month after this all started, and I feel lazy, fat, out of shape and in search of motivation to get started again. Today is a beautiful day, a little colder than we've gotten used to this winter, but the sky is bright blue. So I am going to take my bike out. Nothing to brag about, I am going to go over to the bike path and see what my knee tells me. And what the rest of me tells me too, considering its been 3 months since I've done anything that might make me feel "fit." I either have to get this going again or....... actually this is not an either/or situation. I have to get going again, even if I have to start at the bottom. Nowhere to go but up.